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Ankqur Ecosystem - a Start-Up in the Business of

WASTE & WaSH, is geared up for the ​Circular ​and Smart businesses, with a unique design to invoke a Revolution. 

Social Problems with a For-Profit approach can generate good returns when addressed in a collaborative manner,  for recycled resourcesbig data insights and mine alternate currenciessuch as the Carbon Currency. 

Alternate currencies on the horizon shall open up New Market avenues for  Barter and Trading

WHY ((Zikqr)) for Social Enterprise ?

It certainly can empower a lot many among us, aspiring to drive and deliver a meaningful Social Impact.

Ankqur Ecosystem intends to drive the objectives to ensure pure drinking water, hygienic sanitation and treated water bodies.

We have been waiting all these years for a real impact-network, as the generic social media networks are not designed for serious collaborations to drive & deliver the desired objectives.



Forging strategic alliances to gather traction for the launch of India's first Impact-Network: ((Zikqr)) 

Chronic Social Problems have to be dealt with innovative solutions. Such solutions can unbox new opportunities providing great returns and extra incentives in the form of social returns valued over a public value-exchange. 


Public, Stakeholders, Corporates, , Investors and Philanthropists can now be joint beneficiaries in the proposed Solution Ecosystem.

"Wavemakers", (those who intend to solve these problems and are eager to participate in whichever way possible) from the public who would want to join and digitally sign petitionscollaborateendorse innovative

solutions based on disruptive technologies to address chronic issues.


((Zikqr)) to target issues affecting the 'Right to Life' and other fundamental rights.

​​​​​​​​​​​Poo-narjeevan, the campaign over ((Zikqr)) is proposed to be strategically positioned for it's mission to study, address and monitor the catastrophes of water, sanitation and hygiene in urban & rural India. Triggered by moderators in Mumbai and Hyderabad, it shall motivate people to simply mention, post and share information from within their local areas inviting public support, administrative attention and stakeholder participation leading to collaborative actions. The target sectors are - Drinking Water, Public Toilets, Treatment Plants, Nallas, Lakes, Rivers and Municipal Waste.


Catastrophes ​of WASTE & WaSH,  NOT to be left to Our Governments alone.

These issues have been irreversibly damaging Life, Nature and have become a massive threat for our future generations. Based on the principles of the above 'Solutions-Economy', a huge opportunity lies untapped in the business of Circular and Smart Sanitation, Water, Sewage and Waste


  1. ​​​​Public Bio-Urinals for Phosphorous Harvesting
  2. Public Bio-Toilets for Water & Nutrient Harvesting
  3. Off-Grid Bio-STPs for Waste Water Recycling & Nutrient Harvesting
  4. Phytoremediation of Rivers, Lakes, Nallas, Water Bodies
  5. Recycling of Waste for Energy and Bio-Fuels
  6. Recycling of Plastics and Metal
  7. Wet Waste Treatment for Compost
  8. Industrial Effluent Treatment & Water Recovery
  9. Wetlands Development for Bio-Remediation
  10. Super Critical Water Oxidation for Renewable Energy
  11. Online Marketplace curated for Toilets, Sanitation Technologies and Value Added Services
  12. Impact Currency from Waste & Wash data + Carbon Credits

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JITO Incubation and Innovation Foundation
A-201, Solitaire Park,

Business Square, Chakala, 

Mumbai 400093. India.

Phone number:  +91-92-0097-0097

Email: contact@ankqur.com


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